Best Hair Halo Headband Braid Hack For The Bride, Bridesmaids & Yourself During The Wedding Day!

Have you ever been in a Wedding where you have to match colors, decoration, shoes, dresses and even hairstyles!? 

I remember my friend's wedding in California, she prepared very carefully everything in advanced. 

I was one of the bridesmaids, and we had just one job: Matching our dresses, shoes ( somehow similar hight) nails, and hairstyles! 

It happened that choosing the dress became a nightmare, different body shapes, colors likes, etc... I gave up and I agreed with anything they chose, but we weren't done yet.

There comes the hairstyle now! One girl had too much hair, almost impossible to manage it, and don't even think about the dreamed halo braid the bride wanted us to have, the second girl too little and short hair, the hairstylist tried, but she still looked bold, and then me, who has long hair with no skills about braiding or knowledge about how long, and how much money it would take... 

My friend hired a group of professional HMUA for the great day, they said we would be fine (we were paying a fortune for them though about 1 hour per person just hairstyling).

We also stayed all together (bride & Bride mates) in a hotel room to save time during the next morning, we woke up so happy and very early to get ready for this beautiful day, the HMUA arrived and...

At the end, we couldn't match any hairstyle, due to lengths, Thickness, etc.. We tried even some hair extension, but didn't work, The clock was ticking, exasperation and stress all over the hotel Room!

HMUA where amazingly nice and professional, but we wished they have had some GoBraids in their suitcases, that would had fixed everything, and we would have been able to match our hairstyles without any pain, less time and a lot cheaper as well+ we would have had to keep them, great deal, isn't it?

Anyways, we still figured a way to kind of match our hairs, but not as the bride wanted. Our hairstyles where a stressful moment we will always remember (in a good way though).

Because of that and so other many other occasions we're so happy and proud to recommend the GoBraid, this is a headband braid  that has been designed by USA color specialists bringing to life the most real looking Braids! We love when people constantly compliment our hairstyles, and I personally enjoy telling them that it's a fake braided headband by GoBraid, their faces are totally worth it! usually people don't believe it, until I take it off, and I send them to the website or advise them to ask in their local boutiques about it.

Some of the things we love the most about our GoBraids are:

-They definitely stay in place all day long, we have tested them when dancing, jumping in a concert, weddings, and normal days, they don't slide off, and you'll forget you're wearing it.

-The material itself looks so real, the colors have the perfect % of blended colors that make them look even more natural. Some people even collect them because they like changing their hair colors very often like a carousel, and the GoBraids add the style they love.

-We can create different fast and easy hairstyles in seconds without wasting time or extra money, we also like that it comes in a traveling bag, it's very compacted and protects it from damaging, I've had mine for over two years now, I wear it almost every day (it makes me feel prettier), and it still looks in great shape!


We definitely recommend you to get a GoBraid for you and your beloved ones. You can get a GoBraid in the website or ask in your local boutiques and HMUA about GoBraid.




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