Personal Experience Wearing A GoBraid Headband:

I personally started wearing my GoBraid because I don’t like to spend too much time getting ready, there’s so much pressure about been pretty today that my mornings seemed to be a nightmare. Makeup to look prettier (so many steps, I don’t have time), sunblock to protect your skin about the dangerous sun, nice clothes, wearing fancy but comfortable clothes to be out all day, and so on… wait!! I forgot about my hair! 

Today all I do before getting out each morning is my eyebrows (my eyebrows need it), no foundation or anything else but sunblock, and when I don’t know what to do with my hair, I add a GoBraid on, and I’m ready to go! 

I feel confident about myself, pretty and very relaxed when dressing as I want. Adding this hair accessory to my style has been a great choice, because any style look so much fancier with it, and I save so much more time when doing my hair as well, as a bonus people always compliment my hairstyles and ask me about it, it’s so funny to see their faces when I tell them that it’s a faux headband! They immediately ask me where I got It from, and I always direct them to the GoBraid website I truly enjoy sharing my tips with people around me and this GoBraid is one of the best headbands I’ve ever had, I actually had to get one for all my nieces and sisters! Not really cheap, but they love their GoBraids, that definitely made me happy :)

Btw there is a picture of me wearing my GoBraid, thank you for reading!

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