About Us

GoBraid was created by an adventurous, busy, and, honestly, picky woman who needed a high-quality, easy, and fast way to be out the door, ready for any occasion but without sacrificing beautiful and unique styles - particularly hairstyles. As with many founder stories, what she needed simply didn’t exist, so she created and designed - right down to every small detail - the GoBraid brand.

Let’s give you some examples of what she was looking for that just wasn’t out there: she wanted a braid that would adjust to different size heads (her young nieces always loved matching her style!), a braid that looked real (none of this cheap-looking fake hair), a braid with 3D colors - real colors designed for real people (none of these generic blonde, black, browns), plus she wanted a braid that would be so easy and fast (she hated wasting time, especially fussing with her hair) and of such quality that it would stay in place all day long no matter what she might do along the way, whether it was going on business meetings, doing her nieces’ hairstyles, dancing, hikes, rollerblading, or even running.

The creator of GoBraid couldn’t find anything close to her very specific (but very reasonable) expectations, so like we said - she made it! She took the time to have hair color specialists help select, blend and design each unique hair color combination, she took real head measurements to ensure only the best fit, and chose the highest quality faux hair, all giving life to the GoBraid brand.

Now the effort, care, and details put into building GoBraids are available for all to enjoy. Plus the GoBraid brand promises to be your source of fun, new, easy, and exclusive hairstyles, content, and supplies.

Welcome to the GoBraid [picky] clan!

Never Late, Always Beautiful.